Customer Services and Returns

Customer Services and Returns

Customer Services and Returns:

With the passage of time companies have become more conscious about the importance of customer services as the old age product model (where product was the only attraction for a customer) does not work anymore in the modern world. Investing in training to improve customer services level by improving the employees’ engagement level and product knowledge, as satisfied employees deliver better customer services, creates loyalty among customers (when served by trained staff) and it also leads to higher returns.

There are certain qualities a good customer services attendant should have and there are certain metrics to measure the level of customer services as well.

Hence, providing a good customer services and monitoring its level can guarantee of customer satisfaction which can yield higher profit potential for the company.


Key Contents:

  1. Customer Services’ current approach more than being a product leader
  2. Advantages of good customer services
  3. Customer services and its value
  4. Customer services and profitability
  5. Qualities of good customer services
  6. Qualities of good customer services staff
  7. Customer services strategy
  8. Training’s role
  9. Employer’s contribution
  10. Measuring customer services


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Able to understand customer services’ approach towards customers
  2. Able to comprehend employee’s satisfaction and engagement
  3. Able to realize relationship between customer services and profitability
  4. Able to perceive the role of a customer strategy in customer services
  5. Able to know the qualities of a good customer service
  6. Able to appreciate the qualities of a good customer service attendant
  7. Able to recognise the importance of monitoring a customer service level
  8. Able to grasp the role of training in improving employee engagement and customer satisfaction leading to higher profit margins