Change Management: reflecting improvement

Change Management: reflecting improvement

Change Management: reflecting improvement

Course Preliminary Information:

Since the organizations have started to realise that they need to align with the environment (internal/external) and adopt to circumstances by embracing the change; Change Management has taken a front seat in all those activities where an organization tries to adjust its progression in the light of the needs of time.

Today, a change to be implemented successfully needs a structured and a very professional change management approach; where a change leader needs to have certain skills to achieve the goals and objectives an organization seeks through change.   


Managing a change needs to establish the need for a change at the foremost, to assess the impact of change, a Change Management Plan to proceed, an Implementation Plan, to devise a mechanism to sustain the change, to manage the risks and resistance and stakeholders and record leaning.


TRA has designed this course to enhance/refresh the knowledge of managers/executives/staff who are responsible for managing a change (simple or complex) from conception to completion.

This course discusses almost all the steps involved in change management and leads the trainee how to start and complete the change process professionally and efficiently.


Key Contents:

  • Organizations and Change Management;
  • How to proceed to manage a change;
  • Change Management processes;
  • Identifying need for change;
  • Cost of change, Risk Management, Stakeholders’ Management;
  • Resistance assessment and management;
  • Change Management Plan/Strategy;
  • Change Manager/Agent;
  • Role of a Change Management Team;
  • Implementation Plan (Implementation of a Change Management Plan);
  • Communication Plan;
  • Resources Allocation;
  • Schedule of Tasks, Training and Development, Managing Performances;
  • Reward and Encouragement;
  • Feedback mechanism and Lesson learned recording;
  • Monitoring and reporting on a change process’s status;
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Development of Measurement systems to reflect progress
  • Reflection of improvement


Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Explain a Change Manager/Agent’s role and responsibilities;
  • Explain the role of a Change Management Team;
  • Identify need for change and steps required to complete the change process
  • Describe the documents and processes involved in change management;
  • Identify the stages involved in managing a change
  • Explain the importance and requirements of Change Management Plan & Strategy;
  • Implement of a Project Plan
  • Devise Training Plan, Risk & Resistance Assessment Schedules
  • Understand the importance of sustaining a change
  • Review the change process for assessing its successes and provide ways to measure the success