Project Management: Entirety

Project Management: Entirety

Project Management: Entirety

Course Preliminary Information:

Project Management has gained much recognition in recent times, where it has become a separate professional skill to achieve certain goals/objectives. Earlier it used to be a part of a business or engineer work only; however, now-a-days it has become a norm to finish any task which has set goals to achieve in a specified time.


Managing a project needs to establish the need of a project, goals/objectives to achieve, course of action (including potential corrective/alternative actions), ways to manage stakeholders, systematic approach to execute to achieve project objectives, a mode to present it formally to stakeholders to ensure that it meets the expectations of stakeholders, closure of the project after dissemination of information and recording of lessons learned.   


TRA has designed this course to enhance the knowledge of project management of those who are responsible for managing projects (simple or complex) from conception to completion.

This course discusses almost all the steps involved in project management and leads the trainee how to start and complete the project professionally and efficiently.

Key Contents

  • What is a project;
  • What is project management;
  • Contents of a Project Proposal & Plan;
  • Project Report;
  • Project lifecycle;
  • Devising Objectives/Goals of the project
  • Defining Scope;
  • Stakeholders’ Management;
  • Communication Objectives;
  • Defining Deliverables;
  • Erecting Milestones;
  • Dissemination Strategies and Lessons learned;
  • Closing and conclusions;
  • Monitoring and reporting on the project status;
  • Role of a Project Manager;
  • Assembling and supporting the project team;
  • Documentation/records maintaining;


Completion of key documents related to:

Project charter;

o Environmental Scan;

o Project Plan (Gantt Chart);

o Project budget/Costing;

o Stakeholders’ Mapping and Analysis;

o Communication Plan;

o Resource Schedule;

o Risk management plan;

o Dissemination strategies;

Closing activities of the project;


Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:


  • Explain their role and responsibilities as Project Manager;
  • Describe the documents, steps and processes involved in project management;
  • Explain the importance and requirements of good planning and documenting;
  • Identify the steps involved in executing a project;
  • Benefits of supporting the project team;
  • Review the project for successes and recommendations for future projects;