Recruitment: The perspective

Recruitment: The perspective

Recruitment: The perspective

Course Preliminary Information:

Recruitment is a combination of activities by an individual or a team in an organization to attract potential workers (employees/contractors) to work for the individual or for the organization, voluntarily or for a remuneration.


Recruitment process could be completed internally or it is outsourced to be performed by an external recruiter or a company. No matter whoever does it, it requires to be complied with certain legal aspects apart from a company’s policy.


Recruitment process needs to adapt to the type of employee/staff required as there are different types of employments in different organizations. Job advertising, as per the market segment and job responsibilities, is one of the crucial tasks a recruiter performs. Staff recruitment could be internal or external


Relevant resumes/applications receiving along with the pertinent data collection from applicants is the apparent result of a good recruitment campaign.


Key Contents (of the course):

  • Recruitment
  • HR, recruitment and job role
  • Recruitment process
  • Recruiter’s tasks
  • Legal aspects in recruitment
  • Specific to Australia
  • Recruitment aspects
  • Types of work
  • Contract work
  • Job Ad preparation
  • Job Ad contents
  • Platform selection (for Ad)
  • Recruitment practices
  • Recruitment responsibilities
  • Internal & External recruiter
  • Internal & External recruitment
  • Resumes/Applications receiving and Collection of Data
  • Reviewing recruitment processes


Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Understand recruitment process
  • Understand recruitment practices
  • Have an idea about a recruiter’s tasks
  • Comprehend the difference between internal and external recruiter/s
  • Comprehend the different between internal and external recruitment
  • Have an idea about the legal aspects involved in a recruitment process
  • Have an idea about the various types of employment/work
  • Know about the responsibility of recruitment in various types of organizations
  • Have an idea about a job ad contents
  • Know about various platforms used in job advertisement
  • Understand the reason behind relevant data collection in response to a job ad