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And their Answers

General Questions
TRA is an online training provider through short courses. These courses help individuals to upskill their professional knowledge, to professionally develop themselves (PD-Professional Development), to gain an insight of a specific topic or to refresh their knowledge.
These courses are not Nationally Recognized Training (NRT) courses and TRA is not a Registered Training Organization (RTO). TRA provides training of short courses for professional development and for upskilling of professional knowledge.

TRA will bring Performance Analysis of Employees/Staff in near future as a part of its future plans.
No, TRA does not have any Agent anywhere.

Generally, you need to read many books and journals to gain the kind of knowledge which is required in a professional field and still you do not know how to practice a certain skill in a certain environment. However, TRA courses have been designed to accommodate the relevant knowledge and skills and to discuss the practical aspects in a way so that the user can apply them in relevant situations and circumstances. Therefore, practical applications along with wise decisions will help you overcome the obstacles and move up the ladder of success in your chosen career.