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TRA came out of a necessity, where there was a need of a global training company who was able to offer training courses which have no boundaries and could address the needs of various management practices across the globe.

The team behind TRA has a versatile global management experience. It is very competent in the subjects and topics it has chosen for TRA and has excellent educational background to address the training needs at any level in any organisation around the world.

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Performance Management is a continuous process, where performances are reviewed regularly and compared against benchmarked standards that are aligned with the organizational goals. Here the overperformed ones are rewarded and underperformances are addressed as per an organization’s policy. It is a part of Performance Management System (PMS), where PMS’ basic goal is to enhance performance level of the staff (employee development) so that they could perform better.

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Performance Management: Enhancing Performance (Employee Development)

Recruitment is a combination of activities by an individual or a team in an organization to attract potential workers (employees/contractors) to work for the individual or for the organization, voluntarily or for a remuneration.


Recruitment process could be completed internally or it is outsourced to be performed by an external recruiter or a company. No matter whoever does it, it requires to be complied with certain legal aspects apart from a company’s policy.

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Recruitment: The perspective

With the passage of time companies have become more conscious about the importance of customer services as the old age product model (where product was the only attraction for a customer) does not work anymore in the modern world. Investing in training to improve customer services level by improving the employees’ engagement level and product knowledge, as satisfied employees deliver better customer services, creates loyalty among customers (when served by trained staff) and it also leads to higher returns.

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Customer Services and Returns

Since the organizations have started to realise that they need to align with the environment (internal/external) and adopt to circumstances by embracing the change; Change Management has taken a front seat in all those activities where an organization tries to adjust its progression in the light of the needs of time.

Today, a change to be implemented successfully needs a structured and a very professional change management approach; where a change leader needs to have certain skills to achieve the goals and objectives an organization seeks through change.

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Change Management: reflecting improvement

Project Management has gained much recognition in recent times, where it has become a separate professional skill to achieve certain goals/objectives. Earlier it used to be a part of a business or engineer work only; however, now-a-days it has become a norm to finish any task which has set goals to achieve in a specified time.

Managing a project needs to establish the need of a project, goals/objectives to achieve, course of action (including potential corrective/alternative actions), ways to... 

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Project Management: Entirety

Why TRA?

TRA (Training Ready Arena) is a place where you reconcile your training needs and then start training to get ready for your future endeavours; whether it is a new challenge at the same job/at the same level, whether it is a new job (which is a challenge itself), whether it is for upskilling, whether it is to tackle a compliance issue; whatever it is, your decision to take up any training course at TRA is one of the best things you have ever done, as knowledge never goes wasted.

We TRA team are here to serve you. We have tried to bring all the management relevant training courses under one umbrella, hence, we hope you will find what you are looking for and will be able to choose from a pool of e-courses.

Though, Management is our speciality, your need is our Priority. Therefore, if you couldn’t find what you are looking for, then please just send us an E-mail and we will try our best to address your need on our earliest.

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